Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bad Dream

In dreams we often see the light
Where future times seem very bright
And joy will fill our soul with hope
To wake up happy and cease to mope

Yet at times dreams do us betray
And fill our minds with disarray  
Lies and deceit, not showing what’s true
To wake up sad, negative feelings accrue

Though reality seems to take the reigns
When daylight breaks unconscious chains
But still it lingers back in your mind
Could that really happen? Have I been blind?

Unless you fight to rid the smut
And remove the pit within your gut
The evil will grow and drive you mad
So forget about it and don’t be sad!

Friday, June 19, 2015


Alas the waves that crash on me
Foretell a future I can see

Of rounded edges and smoother sand
Each time I hear the tide at hand

All waves begin a clean slate
To start anew, and decide my fate

Yet I'll continue to disrupt the pure
Every step I take, I am sure

But waves will continue to come in
Each time a new life to begin

Friday, December 19, 2014

Love You Forever

Past months proved tough, extremely hard to bear
A cancerous rage, no, this can’t be fair
To see one so great, slowly fade away
Before we’re ready, we want her to stay
Blessed by her loving, sweet, and tender care

A battle courageous, but now she’s gone
Returning to God, her memory lives on
Touched the lives of many, gave selflessly
Our mother, friend, rock of our family
Never forgotten. Love you forever, Mom!

-Dedicated to Pat Barton, whom we lost too soon.

Today is a sad day, as the mother of my good friends (Kirk, Mason and Gina) passed on to the next life after a hard battle with cancer. Her memory lives on in them and their goodness. I was honored to have known Pat in this life. She will be accepted with open arms by millions heaven, especially the arms of our Savior and Heavenly Father. I wrote this in memory of her and her kids. Love you Barton family. Love you Pat.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

One Foot In and One Foot Out

I probably thought it possible
Rather easy for me to do
To live a life of probability
Not choosing a side fully true

Of God, of Mammon, of many things
I didn't think it a grave sin
Just to live a life I thought best
Not allowing my life to begin

For I was stuck, It may be despair
Not understanding my purpose
Not exactly happy, not exactly depressed
This twilight seems not just

Yet still I continued onward
Thinking I'd find a truer path
I let myself taste good and bad
Thinking not of God's eternal wrath

Then grief, pain and agony came
Lost in my current blinded state
A decision needed to be made
And enter into the right gate

Truth won't come to those that balance
The gospel, sin, faith and doubt
And continue to live a confused life
With one foot in, and one foot out

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Pit I've Sown

It's a day to cheer
No longer fear
Of where your life has led

To be free of pain
So much to gain
Rediscover the life you fled

Your feet you found
Stuck in the ground
Not wanting to go on

For the path you had
Slowly turned bad
The good life now is gone

Yet Christ was there
With a sincere prayer
To help you out that pit

Though hands your own
Dug this pit you've sown
The path back He always lit

For now you've seen
On who to lean
To once again feel free

Christ is always here
Forgiveness near
It's now time to be happy

Friday, January 4, 2013

It Mattereth Not

Your rants and disbelief have made me think
But in the end made my heart sink
As I know the truth to be so clear
Though it’s hard for you to feel He’s near

But still I wish to spread the grace
And make our bond a safe place
So when the eternities it is you fear
I hope towards light you’ll want to veer

For in the end we’ll stand side by side
Both in our sins, good works and pride
When our Savior will take us in his care
And all our doubts will no longer snare

So my dear brother this is my plea
For your blinded eyes to truly see
That God is good, and God is true
And no matter what will always love you!

Friday, October 26, 2012


You can whistle while you work
Put your shoulder down without a shirk
And sing the song that gets you through the day

Yet the stubborn vice whose verse
Has damned my way which is cursed
And left me all alone in disarray

For no sweet tune seems to find
Its path to my soul or mind
And has left me with nothing more to hear

I would love to know your song
In hope's that soon I will belong
It's the lonely silence I'll sadly always fear

Friday, July 20, 2012

Enter Into The Mundane

You've waited to see what light would come
Pushed, struggled, awaited and sung
That all you’ve ever sought was near
But found a forlorn bareness here

A stagnant grasp that blurs your eyes
A sickness that infests the now
To then leave you questioning how
The dull day decides your demise
And life seems to ignore your cries

Yet still it doesn’t stop your stride
To stand up strong and keep your pride
And face each day with routine new
Your tested faith and hope holds true

But it matters not how tall you stand
Since all the days still feel the same
Your desire unmet, this is your bane
A grey, old, mundane path so bland
This course you’ll never understand